Allen's Original Redwood Log house
A carpenter straightened Himself wearily from the planing, and the last shaving wafted to the ground.
At the same time, figuratively and half across the undiscovered world, a cone bearing small brown seeds
dropped to the rich soil of California's coastal plain. The man was Jesus of Nazareth,and one tree which grew from the
cone of seeds is that though which you have now passed the redwoods are the tallest trees on the face of the earth. Fifty
nine years ago Jim Allen was fishing on the famed waters of the Klamath River in Northern California. A sudden rain squall
rose, and Allen sought shelter in a "goose-pen" of those forest giants which fire had burnt nearly hollow some
time in the past, but which still lived. A sudden thought struck him as he waited out the shower. "Why not,"he mused, "a
house from one of these?" The tree which Allen selected years later was not hollow when it was cut. After spending over a
month going through the forest to find that was suitable and one that could be taken out of the woods without to much
damage done to the bark, the tree was found at last on the property of the Georgia Pacific Lumber Co., Near Eureka,
California. The tree was 14 feet in diameter at the stump cut, 267 feet high and 1900 years old. This is the fourth log that
was cut from the base of the tree.This log is 33 feet long, 8 feet wide and 9 feet 4 inches in height at the larger end. The end
you just came through is cut 65 feet from the stump cut, after the tree was felled. After the log had been cut it was taken
into Eureka and then the gigantic task of removing the material from the inside of the log. Working around the clock for
over four months with drills,chisels, and foot adzes over 11,000 board feet of lumber was removed. Enough material was
removed to have built a five-room home but it could not be saved. The walls were sanded and rubbed down by hand, then
finished with a clear varnish to bring out the natural grain of the wood. The case work and cabinets are all built in of
redwood material but not of what was taken from the log. The entire tree contained 74,000 board feet of lumber,enough to
have built six modern bungalows. From the time this exhibit was started until it was completed it required the work of two
men a little over one year. More than 85 natural parks, spread over 60,000 acres, have been preserved for all time by the
California State Park system and the save The Redwoods league, open to all the world for camping, fishing and swimming
in the many beautiful rivers and streams, for hiking and just resting. Nearly all have camping facilities, many with cabins and
tent-houses. Some of these giant redwood trees measure 30 feet in diameter. The tallest known tree, last measured several
years ago, towered 365 feet above the ground. This redwood is located at Dyerville Flat, Humboldt County, California,
and each year at Christmas it is lighted for its full height to become the most awesome and fabulous Christmas tree in the
history of the world. The tree section though which you just passes, grew in this same general area of the famous redwood
Empire of Humboldt County,California. The oldest cut tree by actual ring count, had witnessed the passing of 3,126 years.
There is no record of one ever having died of old age. The redwood is slow to decay, is fire resistant, and is distasteful to
termites, making it one of the finest and yet economical home-building materials. The coastal growth belt is 35 miles wide
by 450 miles long, with the Redwood Highway coursing thorough the length of it to make the world's ,most magnificent
scenic drive. The tree home completed by Jim Allen is probably the oldest wooden residence in existence,outdated only by
the stone and clay of the ancient world before Christ. It has lived through the time of Bethlehem, of Rome and of the
Crusades; through the glories of storied Cathay, on and on through 20 centuries and countless generations of mankind. And
its regal companions and descendants will go down through the ages, with or without us.
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